Extensive Art

2 hours


Our Extensive Art service offers you a more advanced, custom nail art.
It may include, but not limited to, the following kinds of arts:

  • Ombre
  • French
  • Up to two features from our Simple Art service: it can be chrome, foil, gems, patterns or decals
  • Quartz, marble, сow, flowers, flame etc patterns (more than 4 fingers)
  • Gems or charms (more than 2 fingers)
  • Cat eye, holographic effects (more than 4 fingers)

E-file + classic manicure for perfect, smooth cuticle.
Matte or glossy finish and multiple different solid colors of your choice.
Comes with a strength double base coat overlay and ideally shaped surface.

Open for any ideas! If you want something special, please feel free to ask!

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