Gel tips
We attach ready-made acrylic tips to your natural nails using gel – the same technology as Gel-X. It costs less and takes less time to do than sculpted nails, but unfortunately refills are not possible.

Base service2 h$50.00
Simple Art2 h 15 min$60.00
Extensive Art3 hours$80.00
Exclusive Art3 h 30 min$100.00

Sculpted nails
We build your nails with gel, so they are all-individual and made from scratch. It’s a little more expensive as it requires more labor, but with refills it may cost you less in the long run.

Base service2 hours$60.00$45.00
Simple Art2 h 30 min$75.00$60.00
Extensive Art3 h 30 min$90.00$75.00
Exclusive Art4 hours$115.00$100.00
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