Yana - Kotik Nail Salon ownerWelcome to Kotik Nail Salon! My name is Yana, and this mini salon is an expression of my own vision and dreams of what a cool nail place should be like – I’m happy to share this with my guests. We respect your comfort – we won’t rush (our services are decently timed), so sit back, relax and enjoy some cool refreshments while getting your nails done. You can even watch some old-school anime! And we are introvert-friendly.

I not only do my best at being creative while doing nail arts, but I also keep my standards high – I work meticulously to get your nails done right, so they are nicer and you can enjoy wearing them for as long as possible; and the measures I take for hygiene and safety are well beyond the state requirements.

Come enjoy your time at Kotik Nail Salon!